Vokal Studio

Review request for Vokal Studio


We are starting web service called Vokal Studio, more details are available on our web site - https://vokalstudio.com

Our customers will upload episodes(mp3 and mp4 files) on vokalstudio.com, then we are making them compatible on podbean, and upload on podbean via api on behalf of our customers.


Looking forward to get this app approved as soon as possible.

We are happy to answer for further questions.

Best Regards.



1. Login to vokalstudio.com with provided login credentials for podbean test user.

2. Go to syndication page - https://vokalstudio.com/syndication

3. Connect podbean with oauth flow(screenshot added: connect_podbean.png)

4. After podbean is connected to vokalstudio.com, activate podbean for uploading(activate_podbean.png)

5. Once podbean is activated, users can upload episodes - https://vokalstudio.com/episodes (upload_episode.png)