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koolio.ai lets you take a concept to a completed podcast in a matter of minutes. We help you make quality content painlessly. Whether it’s transcribing audio, collaborating with others, auto-selecting sound effects or music based on context to enhance your podcast, or performing audio operations and manipulations easily, koolio.ai provides a simple, web-based, easy to use and intuitive interface for you to focus on your creativity.

Step 1: Please visit the site https://www.koolio.ai

step 2: Scroll to the bottom and click on the Signup link and it will redirect you to the access page.

step 3: provide your email and the reason to use this app and submit it. It will sent you an access request confirmation email.

step 4: Once you get approval to use the app then you will receive an email with the signup link.

step 5: complete your signup process by providing all the required fields. You will receive another email to verify your email.

step 6: Verify your email address.

Final step: After verification go to the Signin page and simply provide your email/username and pass to access the app.