LemonSpeak - Grow your podcast right

Create more content from your podcast to grow your audience for free

Most podcasters struggle in the beginning to grow their listenership, or let's say their audience. It's proven that social media and SEO-optimised content will increase your audience. That's where LemonSpeak supports you.

This service creates:

  • A transcript with speaker diarization
  • A summary
  • Show Notes
  • SEO-optimised episode titles
  • Social media posts: 1 article & 3 tweets
  • Audiograms (soon, currently in development)

 Best of all: It's free for the first two episodes.

  1. Upload your podcast as .mp3 along with the names of the speaker. Provide the order of appearance.
  2. Wait for the results in your email inbox. That can take some time depending on the length of your podcast and if the service is used by others.
  3. At the very bottom of LemonSpeak you will see a section with links to other apps. Navigate there and use the transcript and generated summary.