Automatically send emails to your Mailchimp subscribers when you publish new episodes.

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. Connecting Mailchimp with Podbean allows you to import private members to your Mailchimp lists.

Mailchimp pluginp makes it easy to reach your subscribers and deliver your new posts. When you publish a new episode, MailChimp will pull that content into the campaign and send it to your subscribers in the list you choose.

Installing the plugin (free for all unlimited accounts) provides you a quick and easy way to promote your podcast. It’s also a better way to get subscribers to discover your new posts.

1. Get plugin (choose a podcast channel if you have multiple channels).
2. In your Podbean admin, navigate to “Settings”-->”Plugins”. (You will be directed to this page when installing the plugin.)
3. Find the plugin and click on “Settings” icon to log in your Mailchimp account.
4. Complete the settings.
5. Save your changes.